Marching Band & Color Guard program

Every learner has a place in the Pride of Portola Marching Band & Color Guard program – without respect to their ability to contribute financially. We are, however, dependent on our families for assistance in our fundraising efforts and support through financial contributions. Per state law, our school district does not charge fees for educational activities, and thus a donation is not required to participate in the Marching Band & Color Guard programs and families that choose to contribute to the program may do so at any amount.

A suggested donation of $550 per student will help establish The Pride of Portola into a comprehensive marching band and color guard program. These donations go to help offset additional costs associated with being a member of the Pride of Portola Marching Band and Color Guard, such as instructor salaries and competition entrance fees. Although there will always be a Marching Band and we will always strive to do the most with what we have, insufficient enrollment and/or insufficient funding could result in the cancellation of course activities and supports.

This donation will be split in order to cover the costs most efficiently.

$250 (made payable to “PHS”) – this donation goes toward covering the costs of

  • Stipends for Coaching Staff (Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, & Color Guard coaches)
  • Fees for Tournaments/Competitions (Irvine Invitational, Tesoro Invitational, etc)
  • Bussing to/from competitions

$300 (made payable to “PHS Music Boosters”)* – This donation goes toward covering the costs of

  • Snacks, Lunches, & Dinners provided at Band Camp & Football Games
  • Uniform Dry Cleaning/Maintenance
  • Season T-Shirt
  • Music, Drill, and Copyright Permission
  • Weekend Retreat

Crescendo Club

We encourage families who have the means and who wish to contribute above and beyond our typical donation to consider a Crescendo Club donation* of $1100 ($250 to “PHS” and $850 to “PHS Music Boosters”). By joining the Crescendo Club, your family’s donation goes toward the growth of our Marching Band and Color Guard Program. Crescendo Club donations provide The Pride of Portola Marching Band and Color Guard to set aside money for large-ticket items such as new instruments, equipment, and technology without having to take away from the quality of instruction and music due to lack of funds for that season.

Crescendo Club families will be acknowledged during all of the Pride of Portola’s performances as well as with a complimentary T-shirt for each Parent/Guardian to wear as a show of support during our performances.

ASK YOUR EMPLOYER ABOUT MATCHING FUNDS! Many employers offer to match an employee’s donations to non-profit/charitable causes like the PHS MUSIC BOOSTERS, often in a dollar-to-dollar basis. You may be able to join our Crescendo Club — at a lower out-of-pocket expense to yourself than you would remitting our standard contribution — by combining your own funds with those of your employer to fund a Crescendo Club membership.

We Need your support… now!

We are asking that all families remit their $250 donations (made payable to “PHS”) by the end of the 2018-2019 school year (before June 7, 2019) so that we may begin making decisions about coaching staff for Band/Color Guard Camp in August as well as our ability to sign up for competitions in the 2019 season. We ask that the remaining $300 donation be made during Band/Color Guard Camp in August.

*This donation to the PHS Music Boosters goes directly toward activities and costs associated with the Marching Band and is seperate from our Promote Our Musicians (POM) Donation asked for in our other music classes.

Our Budgeted Expenses for this season include:

  • Marching Band & Color Guard Camp (August)
  • Pride of Portola Weekend Retreat (August)
  • All instruction by our professional coaching staff (Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, Color Guard, & Visual Coaches)
  • Entrance fees for all field competitions
  • Show T-Shirt & Black Gloves for performances
  • Transportation fees for busses, drivers
  • Uniform cleaning and maintenance
  • Music arrangement and drill design
  • Equipment truck rental/transportation
  • Dinner provided during home football games

How to Make Your Contributions

Making your financial contribution to our PHS Music Boosters is easy! Simply click the link and visit our Contributions Page at our online store, then pick the “product” you wish to support. 

If it is more convenient for your family, feel free to use cash or write a check or money order payable to “PHS Music Boosters”. Payments can be dropped off with Mr. Stevens or Mr. Traska during school/camp hours or maybe be placed in the teachers mail boxes.

If you have any questions, contact Mr. Stevens at


Additional Costs


Each Marching Band student MUST wear black leather marching band shoes for performances and competition. The expense of acquiring this shoe falls to each individual student and cannot be a part of the above-mentioned donations, as many Pride of Portola members have already purchased their marching shoes in previous years.

The link to buy the shoes is here.

Color Guard Winter: $450