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The Irvine Unified School District high school music programs have been nationally recognized for providing
comprehensive experiences for all of its students. At Portola we are establishing and continuing that tradition right
away. In the last two years (with only freshmen and sophomores!), we have performed alongside the other IUSD high school’s top ensembles in festivals, sent our orchestra to perform at Segerstrom Hall, sent choir students to prestigious collegiate clinics, and sent our jazz musicians to play for the OC Superintendents Annual Luncheon!

In order to continue this level of success, we need to raise more than $80,000 for costs that are not funded by IUSD’s budget. These costs include teacher instructional hours, sheet music, transportation, repair and supplies, as well as coaches and clinics. Please note the POM donation is separate from the Marching Band donation.

We ask that every family “Promote Our Musicians” by making a voluntary contribution of at least $125 to provide a basic level of support and become a PHS Music Booster Member. In appreciation for your $125 donation, you will receive two (2) complimentary concert tickets, which have a box of ice value of $10 each. These tickets can be used during any of the three paid-admission concert series this year. You may also consider providing additional support by becoming a Patron’s or Founder’s Level Member of the PHS Music Boosters. Your contributions truly make a difference in helping to continue our outstanding Music Department – Band, Choir, Guitar, Commercial Music, & Orchestra.

“Promote Our Musicians” / PHS Music Booster Membership
❏ $125 – PHS Music Booster includes 2 complimentary concert tickets

Patron Memberships
Patron Memberships include the $125 POM Contribution / PHS Music Booster Membership, plus additional
complimentary concert tickets.
❏ $165 – Applause includes 6 complimentary concert tickets
❏ $185 – Crescendo includes 8 complimentary concert tickets

Founder Memberships
Founder’s Memberships allow families to support the extra costs of maintaining a superior music program.
These membership levels include the $125 POM Contribution / PHS Music Booster Membership, additional
complimentary concert tickets, and recognition in our concert programs.
❏ $225 – Overture includes 12 complimentary concert tickets and program recognition
❏ $325 – Concerto includes 18 complimentary concert tickets and program recognition
❏ $450 – Virtuoso Family admission to all concerts and program recognition
❏ $650 – Maestro Family admission to all concerts and program recognition